Nashville holistic chiropractor’s approach to helping memory


As a holistic chiropractor, Dr. Davis treats the entire body. And it is no less so with health matters that relate to the brain and memory.

The most recent theories in quantum biology suggest, astonishingly, that the brain, much like modern computing, may store its memory somehow dimensionally in “the cloud” (not inside our skull), and actually is a very sophisticated transceiver pulling information from space! Whatever the case, in order to have memory, our brain has to be functioning correctly, and in this era it seems that there are a number of factors that may be stressing our brain, causing premature aging, and diminishing brain function and memory.

Subtle forgetfulness may be a part of normal aging, such as not recalling where you put an important document, having difficulty remembering certain words, or possibly leaving food intended to be frozen on the kitchen counter overnight. But the memory loss associated with true cognitive impairment represents an actual condition or disease process.

That type of memory loss is more significant and troublesome. In those instances, people may forget important information such as dates and times of important appointments, meaningful telephone conversations, and recent events that would normally be of interest.

It can be hard to tell the difference between true cognitive impairment and the normal effects of aging in its early stages. Some suspected cases of impaired mental activity may be the result of treatable conditions such as reduced blood supply to the brain due to cervical subluxations and other structural faults; advanced inflammatory conditions of the brain due to a lifetime of poor diet and accumulation of heavy metals and biotoxins; and the metabolic effects of a condition Dr. Davis sees increasingly which is called “neurotoxin mediated illness (NTI).” Neurotoxins are the metabolic excretion products of chronic low grade infecting organisms that should not be in the human body. These organisms are commonly unhealthy bacteria in the intestines or stomach (such as unhealthy gut flora or helicobacter infection). When these organisms increase to unhealthy numbers, the neurotoxins they excrete can severely cloud brain function and diminish circulation through the small blood vessels of the brain. Dr. Davis uses an objective test called Visual Contrast Sensitivity (VCS) to help assess whether a person may be experiencing symptoms of neurotoxin mediated illness. The good news is, NTI can be helped by natural healing methods. His follow-up VCS testing shows better brain micro-circulation after successful treatments.

About one third of the blood supply to the brain passes through the vertebral arteries that run through canals that are part of the cervical neck bones. Proper chiropractic adjustments to mobilize and restore position of misplaced cervical vertebrae can be a great help to brain circulation and logically could contribute to better memory.

Detoxing the body by improving bowel function and elimination often results in more energy and clearer thinking! It should be an obvious fact, but is far too often overlooked.

A number of nutrients and herbal concentrates such as specially concentrated Ginkgo biloba extracts can improve brain circulation. A specific protein isolated from ocean organisms is the active ingredient in a supplement called Prevagen which has been shown through careful clinical studies to improve memory. At Davis Holistic Chiropractic Center we carry the professional strength of Prevagen, and some of our patients have reported the definite observation that it helps restore their memory.

Certainly we should not forget that when structural and nutritional corrections are made, and elderly people can then move more easily, they find it easier to adopt healthy exercise regimens. Regular exercise has been shown in many clinical studies to improve cognitive function. For example, walking just 50 minutes a day, three times a week resulted in long-term improvements in cognitive function.

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