Comprehensive natural stress relief with holistic chiropractic

Stress Relief


What is Stress Fundamentally?

Most people describe stress in terms of the undesirable symptoms that are commonly associated with it, such as: tight shoulder muscles, headaches, difficulty with sleep, intestinal upset, clenched or clicking jaw joint, chronic tiredness, etc.

The deepest medical inquiry into core stress components came from the work of Hans Selye, MD who focused on the physiology of stress – in other words, what breaks down physically under stressful conditions. He did extensive animal studies subjecting the poor beasts to various forms of body challenge such as exposure to cold, sleep deprivation, injection of toxic compounds, etc.

He found that the body has three stages of resistance to stressors, that is: the alarm or first stage of body response, the resistance stage, and the exhaustion stage. Physiologically three things occurred during stress that he meticulously measured: enlargement of the adrenal glands, inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, and deterioration of the immune-related thymus gland with eventual atrophy of the lymphatic system.

Eventually when the implications of physiological stress were realized, therapies were created to support healing of the stressed physiology. The therapies consisted of nutritional approaches to supporting the three physical areas that deteriorate AND general stress reduction techniques such as mind-body integration and meditation techniques were developed.

A Core Level New Stress-Relief Technique

Commencing in the late 1980’s a new field emerged in holistic therapy called “energy psychology” or thought field therapy. That field demonstrated the profound finding that the deepest cause of stress is generally a hidden one, and consists of self-defeating thoughts (or painful, shocking, or distressful memories) in the brain that constantly replay a message of stress, generally when we are not even aware of it. That destructive message at the subconscious level never stops. It is always in the background, and therefore it is, in most people, the single greatest contributor to stress.

I discovered a novel approach to core level stress reduction which consists of administering frequencies collected from UNCUT living flowers which have the property of “overwriting” and removing our negative self-talk or stressful memories from the brain where they are stored.

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