New way to transform negativity and manifest goals

Advancing Your Ability to Create

(OR Making More Money with Flowers!)

During the last several months I have been involved in a rather interesting “assignment” which involves my commuting between Lobelville and California. An extraordinary group of individuals centering in S. California has formed a community of intention with the objective of obtaining major funds to form a new type of media group – specifically to assist the liberation and elevation of human consciousness.  The funds are entangled in complex holdings and must be extricated for use.  The group has experienced many “road blocks.” I have been hired by the principals in the project to evaluate each of the major players to find where they have limiting beliefs. They have asked me and authorized me, after examination, to remove their unwanted subconscious programming  I detect with the transformative and clarifying power of my newly invented UNCUT flower™ essences. In addition to removing limiting beliefs and painful memories, the FlorAlive® quantum essences imbue the consumer with God-Source frequencies of the Divine. (See our testimonials.)  You can imagine how pleased I was to find that in Hollywood and the media empire, there are individuals seeking this out.   Each of the participants has experienced tremendous evolution as a result of taking  a series of essences I have prepared for them individually.  They are now close to achieving their objective, and are carefully documenting their positive responses from the essences.

If that whole scenario seems too far from the ordinary to be practical, after a few explanatory remarks we’ll take a look closer to home at the case report of one of my Lobelville patients, Maria. The FlorAlive® essences completely changed her financial health in a matter of weeks.

Intentional Creation.  There has been a great deal more education on this important topic in just the last few years.  Two of my favorite educators are Eckhart Tolle and Esther Hicks (the wisdom of Abraham).  They approach the subject quite differently. Esther Hicks advises people to use the conscious mind to intentionally choose to step up the ladder of better feeling emotional states. Eckhart Tolle brilliantly and plainly explains how we are trapped and deceived by our conscious mind, “mind domination” as he puts it. (I recommend viewing his 2 DVD set “The Flowering of Human Consciousness.”) He teaches how presence in the Now can help overcome this severe limitation. New on the scene is the spectacularly effective DVD, “the Secret” ( This 90 minute wonder has outstanding contributions from many well known spiritual teachers and motivational trainers.

All the above contain marvelous information.  They do not, however, explain how to transform the most powerful limiter of all, that is, the negative memories and beliefs which hide in the Subconscious mind. Unless the negative subconscious is cleared, it makes it very slow and laborious to attempt directing the conscious mind in intentional creation. 

Back to Maria.  She is a later twenties, Hispanic mid-level manager  overseeing sales operations of a couple of dozen employees in a Lobelville based company.  She truly appreciates the care I provide her and always seems to benefit from it.  She comes in far too seldom, however, to make lasting progress.  When I suggested she could achieve much more permanent health if she would schedule 3 consecutive visits, she commented that she would really like to but couldn’t afford it.  A mid-level manager not being able to afford two to three hundred dollars? I asked her to explain how that could be so, and I was astonished to find how severely she was being underpaid at work: after taxes about $1450 per month putting in 70 hour weeks! I asked Maria if she were making double her salary could she then come in more regularly. She nodded with an affirmative smile. I told her that if we were able to find her limiting and destructive beliefs about her lack of worth, and “overwrite” them with the flower frequencies of abundance and divine manifestation, that she would place herself in the position where she could be compensated adequately.  In three visits that is exactly what happened.  The first visit I employed the specialized chiropractic technique of “semantic screening” to show her with muscle testing that her self esteem and confidence was poor. I provided FlorAlive essences to “overwrite” and remove those beliefs.  I told her to prepare her resume before next visit in 3 weeks.  The second visit we continued to unveil the very common memories of emotional or physical abuse that most  people harbor (see Prof. Lloyd DeMuse’s Emotional Life of Nations.) I gave Maria specific essences, and I asked her to send out her resume and interview and see what kind of offers she received. At the third visit Maria told me she had received several offers for much more than she was being paid in her current job. She was sad though because she loved the people where she worked and didn’t want to leave.  We found essences to help her prepare for a meeting with the owners of her company to let them know they would have to improve her pay or she would leave them.  The next time I saw Maria I found that she was still working at her old job – for double the pay and 40 hour work weeks!

I am able to conduct effective flower essence assessment interviews by phone, allowing me to make the best selection of essences in the individual case.  I also provide general life enhancement recommendations and guidance to help resolve health problems which have been resistant to change. Feel free to call my office at (931) 888-0388 to schedule your phone consultation. Forms necessary are available at