Natural Healing with Lasting Relief

Deliver Natural Healing with Lasting

Patients who are new to natural healing and preventive medicine frequently ask questions along the lines of "how many treatments will it take to get rid of my symptoms?" or "how long will the benefits of your treatment last?" Such questions naturally derive from the desire to know when discomfort will abate, and from  financial concerns as well. But there are much deeper issues underlying those questions that deal with the very nature of "health" itself.

As far as getting rid of symptoms such as headache or recurring neck pain, it is generally possible to eliminate them rather quickly and without the harmful side-effects of drugs.  But there is a huge difference between absence of a particular symptom and genuine wellness.

Our bodies were divinely designed to always self regulate toward wellness.  What prevents wholeness, balance and health can be summarized as follows: (1) deficits at birth (2) old injuries – emotional or physical (3) infection and (4) poisoning (from environmental toxins, poor quality foods, and especially from negative bacteria in our digestive tract that produce endo/bio/neuro toxins.) The vast majority of chronic health complaints I see derive from causes 2, 3, and 4.  The ability to achieve "lasting results" in healthcare comes from removing these contributors which are often hidden. A couple of case studies following exemplify these ideas.

Case 1.  Sue, a fit 36 year old, came to see me with the request that I "once and for all" fix her recurring low back pain.  She had seen four chiropractors over a period of three years (all practicing different methods of adjusting.) She received varying degrees of relief from their many different approaches, but the problem kept coming back. I asked her if any of the doctors had performed the "injury recall" procedure.  She said no. At a national conference in 2005 it was pointed out that injury recall treatment is the single most important clinical development in the 100 year old chiropractic profession.  Yet, because it is a relatively recent discovery, it is probable that less than 1% of all chiropractors know it exists.

To perform that procedure I asked Sue to recall one-at-a-time her history of injuries physical and emotional. With each injury she revisited in her memory, I monitored her body for reflex nervous disturbance.  One skiing accident and an emotionally devastating loss of a relationship were "hot buttons" in her nervous system.  The shock from these memories was continuously replaying at the subconscious level and was interfering with her natural ability to recover.  I applied the wonderful procedure to clear memory of each of the traumas.  Coupled with a B.E.S.T. (bioenergetic) adjustment to "lock in" memory of our correction, her body completely healed itself by the next follow-up visit and stayed stable into the future.

Case 2. John, a 44 year old accountant, had not felt well his entire adult life.  He had structural complaints, digestive disturbances, and had been diagnosed with numerous chronic infections such as Epstein Barr and cytomegalovirus. His greatest concern was that he had virtually given up hope of regaining health. Due to his receiving frequent tick bites at his weekend farm retreat, he probably was carrying debilitating tick transmitted infections. Medical physicians told him that after all the courses of antibiotics he had been given that there really shouldn’t be any problems (suggesting purely psychosomatic illness.)

My examination revealed numerous structural faults which were reducing nerve and blood supply to the brain, and I was able to correct them relatively quickly. John felt a notch of improvement. I told John that we would next turn our attention toward achieving a more positive outlook by using FlorAlive flower essences changing selection of remedies every three or so weeks. Upon commencing the essences he felt another notch of improvement.  I explained that the most difficult challenge was to eliminate the reservoir of infection in his horribly unbalanced digestive tract (which upon stool analysis showed that he had NO protective bacteria, Lactobacillus, and many bowel pathogens. This condition is made worse by antibiotic drugs.) Change of diet and non-drug antibiotics were cycled over time and provided John enormous relief.

The very common problem of intestinal infection produces severe systemic, metabolic problems including generalized inflammation, immune suppression, emotional depression, and disruption of hormonal balance coming from neurotoxins and biotoxins which debilitate the nervous system and cause weakness of ligaments.  The latter is called ligamentous laxity, and it produces the chronic chiropractic patient someone who needs to be adjusted all the time. Integration of natural therapies is critical to recovery in cases such as John’s. And though he is not yet completely well, he feels he has a new life, and much greater energy.

I developed a quick reflex test in the late 1980’s which has been proven with laboratory stool analysis to be an excellent predictor of intestinal flora disturbance and infection. Poor intestinal flora has such tremendous implications for general health that I strongly recommend everyone assess this area if they wish to achieve wellbeing. Lasting results are always achieved more easily if our core strength intestinal balance is intact.  I will be happy to perform the rapid screening for intestinal flora balance free of charge if you call my office to arrange a complimentary consultation (931) 888-0388. If you live out of the region, you may desire to schedule a life enhancement phone consultation.  Instructions on how to do that are found on my web site