Dr. Davis’ Uncut Flower Remedy Testimonials

Dr. Davis’ Uncut Flower Remedy


After taking your flower essences, I felt a positive energy “force” as I was consciously aware of my mind clearing from negative states of anxiety, nervousness, and edginess. I sensed a balance able to “block” negativity from my Body, Mind, and Spirit. When confronted with the toxicity of another later, it did not penetrate my “protection” and I knew I was OK, in a safe place, stronger than before. A friend called every 2 hours who could hear my voice grow stronger& my thoughts clearer.


Structural Changes In My Face!

" I’ve been taking the FlorAlive essences for only about a month and the changes I noticed are phenomenal. I realized that even with all the work I have done on myself, my parents’ and grandparents’ issues from World War II have still been vibrating in my energetic field. In the first week of taking FlorAlive I experienced feelings of being insignificant and victimized moving through me rather fast. What was so unusual about this was that though the feelings were intense, I could not hold on to them the way I did in the past. It feels to me like bit by bit I am shedding all that is not me and am experiencing waves of the kind of exuberant joy I felt as a very young child. I have also noticed actual physical changes in my face. My eye brows have lifted, my eyes have widened, my cheek bones have become more prominent and my lips are fuller. I’m looking forward to my journey with these extraordinary flower essences and am deeply grateful to have a support system for living my life with an open heart, body and mind."



Olivia, who is now 18 1/2 months experienced 7 ear infections between ages 7 weeks and 9 months. Each time she was treated with antibiotics. Often she had double ear infections. With each round of antibiotic treatment Olivia would experience a terrible diaper rash with yeast. I constantly used acidophilus and antifungal cream. Approximately 1 ½ months ago I came to Dr Davis seeking help as the yeast problem had never cleared up. He gave us the flower essence to balance Olivia on the emotional (subconscious level), and within 2-3 days I realized the red yeast rash was completely gone. After 6-9 months – totally gone!



Dr. Davis: I wanted to take time to write and thank you formally for your support and insightful guidance in my healing process. As you know, I am a student, and teacher, of relationship and believe that life is very much about a healing process. Everyone is wounded and out of balance, it’s simply a matter of how badly. What is important is recognizing one’s relationship with those wounds and imbalances, and choosing how to change the relationship to heal and become more whole.

As one who works with others to help them recognize unproductive beliefs and behaviors, I have long understood the need for me to do my work to heal my wounds. This is why I was intrigued to learn of your work with FlorAlive essences. Energy medicine makes perfect sense to me because of my engineering background. However, what came as a very pleasant surprise was how simple, effective, and permanent a change you have helped me make.

You explained to me that the FlorAlive products actually alter consciousness through the infusion of healing energy into one’s being. While that concept was intellectually appealing at the time, I must say that I had doubts of its efficacy to me. Through your suggested introspection I “brainstormed” possible emotional barriers I could be dealing with. Then, using muscle testing, you identified two primary wounded beliefs. Specifically, I was holding onto “No matter what, I will not be heard,” and ‘Nothing I can do will be good enough.” The “feeling unheard” energy was dissipated by Mayapple Flower Essence, and the “hopelessness” energy was dissipated by Maquilina Flower Essence. What a remarkable discovery!

I took both essences as prescribed for about 6 weeks until the bottles were empty. The change was very subtle, yet one day I simply felt different. One lady recently dais, “Carl, you seem more calm.” However, the most noticeable change has manifested in my work. Opportunities have been popping up for me to work with new clients in new situations, and share a broader application of the process I have developed to help others embrace change. Your products and guidance have been instrumental in helping me improve my ability to help others.. FlorAlive products truly are “Blessings in a bottle.”

Thank you very much for your work, for your commitment to healing, and for your support and guidance in my own growth.


Recovery From Abuse

I walked into Dr Davis’s office lost, tormented and withered from years of abuse and suffering. Doctor after doctor, and thousands of dollars had been spent trying to restore the damage, but I had given up any last hope within me. After mere days of taking the FlorAlive flower essences I (and others), began to notice a dramatic change. Now, there is a light in my being and a diving glow of energy that shines through my eyes and radiates the person I have missed all this time. Now everything is beauty. My body is peace and love and completeness and I see everything with clarity. There are no words to express my gratitude to the flower remedies and Dr Davis, but "’thank you so much for changing my life, I shall never go back to the dark place I was…not for a billion dollars!"



Dr. Davis I wanted to write a line to tell you how much of a difference the flower essences have made in my life. I have felt revitalized, reenergized and re-focused in my day to day tasks and experiences, in my physical and mental bodies. They have also opened up passages in the energy fields allowing me to see possibilities that I would have most likely not seen prior to that. In addition, I have noticed a significant reduction in the amount of bloating that I had been experiencing.


Ben’s Autism & Response To FlorAlive Flower Essences…

I am the mother of a 12 year old severely autistic boy. Ben is very active, intelligent, and loving child. Unfortunately, his verbal communication consists of only a few occasional words. As part of his condition, we also have to work with his mood swings, self- injurious behaviors and his sensitivity to tastes and textures.

Ben has been taking a medicine to address the self injurious behaviors of his autism for the past 3-4 years. The rapid weight gain was horrible to watch, but the end result of calming him so he would not bite his hand and arms seemed worthy. However, Ben was not the normal patient even for his specialist. Other medications did not work the same for Ben as they did for others. And if they were effective, the positive results would last only for 6-12 months with a return then to the aggression and self-injurious behavior.

In the fall of 2004, Ben’s medicine was once again losing its effectiveness. Not only were his arms being taped daily at school, but also the teachers were being scratched or bitten. The aid on the bus was also having trouble keeping Ben calm on the bus ride that he used to enjoy. And at home I had to bandage his hands and arms, and use every calming technique that I had learned to settle Ben down for the night. Ben’s arms stayed inflamed and infected form the constant biting to the point of drawing blood.

On December 8, 2004, Ben had his first visit with Dr Davis. It was a horrible 45 minutes of aggression, with Ben biting his hands and arms, and melting down for almost the entire visit. The flower essence was started as well at the discussions on how the low zinc level would be handled. Out Last visit with Dr. Davis was on April 5, 2005, you would have thought that a different child was in the room. The laughter could be heard outside the exam room at the front desk.

Currently we know that Ben has issues with low zinc, high Candida, mood swings and the need to be in control. As a mom it has been extremely difficult to handle the recommended treatment since Ben cannot swallow pills. Everything must be crushed or poured into a tablespoon with some type of liquid. Even in this state, Ben cannot always tolerate the taste or texture and will gag to the point of losing everything in his stomach.

The saving grace had been that Ben has always been able to take the flower essence. The added benefit of him drinking water is something that I never thought I would witness. I truly believe that this has made all the difference in the changes I have seen since it is the only part if the treatment that I know is given at the recommended levels. I also believe in its strength in what I witnessed when Dr. Davis added essences to address Ben’s need to be in control. His eyes were red irritated, his entire face turned red, and he made strange gestures with his mouth. I moved Ben from the treatment and reported this to Dr. Davis. He then provided me with some other essence to add to the solution. The change was amazing to watch. The red face did not return at all, and the eye irritation and mouth gestures were slight.

To add to all of this, I would like to state that Ben’s nighttime medication of clonidine had been reduced to a third of the dose it was in December 2004. A, that his hands and arms reflect a major amount of healing. The calluses are getting smaller and the skin softer.

Ben still has a long way to go in his healing process, but now I know it is possible to help him feel better inside. His Autism will never go away, not the damage done by the heavy metals that he was exposed to as a young child, but he now spends more happy time with the world he lives in.

Holly (Thankful Mom)


The purpose of this is to offer testimony to the flower remedies made by Dr. Brent Davis. I have known for a long time that emotional issues were at the core of my physical and spiritual life. I have worked very hard to deal with these core emotional issues, but could never see the kind of progress that I hoped to see through both traditional and alternative treatment approaches. At one time I even had a full set of Bach Flowers, but never had any significant success with them. The flower remedies made by Dr. Brent Davis however, have made a difference in my life. These remedies make a difference, and they do so quickly and in a significant way. Major issues such as hopelessness, self-confidence and trust are transformed and no longer get in the way of me becoming who I am. I am very appreciative of the work that Dr. Davis is doing to bringing theses flower remedies to the world and to my life.


Flowers For Relationship

Hi Dr. Davis, I’ve been taking the flower essences for two weeks and the magic has really started happening in my life. Before I started taking them, I wasn’t feeling well emotionally or physically. I didn’t even feel like exercising. I had started a new business this year and I wasn’t producing results. I am single and I haven’t had a date in a year and a half. Since taking the flower essences, I’m exercising regularly, feeling happier, and my business has started taking off. Yesterday, I met the most amazing man. I haven’t been attracted to anyone in a long time and this is a man I’d really like to get to know. I can’t wait to see what happens next in my life as I continue with the flower essences.

Mary E.

The Deeper Causes of Pain...

I have a story to share. For almost 15 years I drank and druged daily. After about 5 years sober, my body at age 35 started to feel the stress it had endured over all those years of self abuse. In my spiritual circle I shared some problems I was having and a friend recommended I go see Dr. Davis. And so I did. The main concern at first was for almost the past year I suffered so much pain. I would only sleep about 2 hours at a time. After the first visit to Doc, there was immediate relief, remember I am in recovery and do not take pain pills. So after 3 visits my physical pain was gone. During these visits I used a few different flower remedies. The first was from all the drug use, I felt there was a part of my brain I just couldn’t get to. With each treatment I started having spirits of awareness amazing to my surprise, I could think clearer and stay focused. Next we worked on the foods I was eating…changed my diet, used flower remedies and I lost 35 pounds. When I got ready to cut back on smoking tobacco, again the flower remedies helped with that. Dr. Davis and Martha have also been a great support system and are always there when I need them.

Sincerely thankful,
Dee Dee


I keep my bottle of water with ReviveAll next to my computer at work. Whenever I notice negative thoughts creeping into my mind, I take a couple of sips. Immediately, I feel better, calmer, more focused and relaxed. My overall demeanor has uplifted. Since staring on the flower essences I have not experienced the mood swings and depression that I’d come to accept as normal. (It’s funny that I didn’t’ realize I’d been struggling with depression until it was gone)

Donna F.