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Sequential Administration of UNCUT Flower"! Essences For The Evolution of Higher

Under the influence of the quantum frequencies of UNCUT FlorAlive® flower essences, I have observed the stepwise evolution of consciousness in my patients since 2001. The speed with which transformation occurs is often startling. I am documenting this on my patients with before and after photos, questionnaires, clinical outcome studies, testimonials, and semantic screening responses with A.K. muscle testing.

It is only in retrospect that I realize the great gift that Source has given me.  In over twenty years that I have been creating novel herbal products, never have I had such a strong awareness that a "Higher Power" is precisely directing the sequence of essences I discover to enable the unfolding of higher consciousness in a stepwise fashion. (Intellectually it would be impossible to find, in the right sequence and with ideal complementarity, the basic 37 remedies now available, and the nearly 30 remedies that I have prepared in 2006 that are being tested before release.)

The evolution of the existing Foundation Remedies (soon to number 38) has been based on an understanding of three critical issues:
1)      Recovery from abuse.
2)      Intentional opening toward receiving.
3)      Elimination of self-diminishment.

Mental health educators and practitioners are increasingly recognizing that a high percentage of the population (at least 85%) has experienced physical and/or emotional abuse.  Even after it is no longer being experienced physically, damaging after-effects manifest – most simply described as "shut down." The sequence is often as follows:

Fear of physical or emotional damage leads to shutting down the natural receptivity to life, and is associated with:
Judgment to ascertain what is safe and what is not;
Control to orchestrate life so that it stays safe.
As physical or emotional abuse becomes chronic, feelings of diminishment and worthlessness develop, as well as the neurotic belief that one is fundamentally flawed and destined to permanent devaluation.

The resulting outcome is failure to receive: fulfilling relationships; prosperity; and ease and joy in life.

The skillful and sequential use of the correct FlorAlive® essences is demonstrating in an extraordinary way the ability to reverse the harmful cascade of the above events.

Once that occurs, those consuming FlorAlive®Essences begin to thrive, to open to life and to receive opportunities and abundance.

I am increasingly offering educational seminars to health professionals and to the lay public to teach the use and selection of the correct FlorAlive® essences to sustain dynamic positive energy in life and to remove obstacles in the path to greater consciousness, ease and joy.

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