Floralive Stress Reduction

FlorAliveĀ® Stress Reduction

At the turn of the new millennium Dr. Davis invented and patented a healing methodthat extracts frequencies (from living flowers) and can rapidly reduce core levels of unconscious stress.

In our Lobelville holistic chiropractic center specific healing frequencies from flowers are matched to patients using the chiropractic procedure of applied kinesiology muscle testing of self-referential statements.

In essence, the healing frequencies of particular flowers seem to remove unhealthy subconscious beliefs by supplanting them with highly coherent harmonics from flowers. The result is less stress, hence less inflammation, and more rapid recovery and healing. This entire new field is described in detail on the website:

Dr. Davis narrates a 17-minute video explaining the origins of stress research and his new addition to the field of stress reduction in the first of a six video series on Youtube that can be viewed at this link.