The Four Pillars of Natural Healing & Diet

The Four Pillars of Natural Healing & Diet

There are a huge number of options available to consumers today in the areas of preventive medicine and natural healing. So many choices, in fact, that the average consumer is often confused, and finds it difficult to choose the directions in healing that will most likely benefit him.

At the beginning of December 2003, I went to Bellevue, Washington for 3 days to meet and study with Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.D. He is regarded internationally as a world class clinician and teacher of state-of-the art techniques in natural medicine.  Numerous leaders in natural healing were there participating in his workshops.

Dr. Klinghardt stated from his 30 plus years’ experience in natural medicine that doctors wishing to provide the highest level of care for their patients must focus on three pillars of healing.

First, remove toxic heavy metals from the body because they poison all its enzyme systems, causing failure of energy production in the body, resulting in accelerated aging, tiredness, and so on.

Second, eliminate infection from the intestines and other areas of the body as well.

Third, fundamentally evaluate and correct errors in the patient’s subconscious mind activity which locks him or her into states of ill health. 

I add a FOURTH additional crucial pillar of healing that makes the system more powerful, and that is:

Structural alignment (adjusting) to enhance blood and nerve supply to the whole body.

This has powerful anti-inflammatory effects which globally promote healing, and among other things helps to slow aging.

I was delighted to hear Dr. Klinghardt’s views.  Instinctively in my practice over the last several years I have been strongly focusing on the 3 pillars of healing he described.

I’ll summarize how I apply the four pillars of healing and integrate them on each patient I see. 

Heavy Metals. 

Toxic metals affect a great number of people, especially mercury because of its insidious presence in amalgam dental fillings.  Mercury is also very prevalent in seafood. Mercury is the only heavy metal that the analysis cited below claims was not removed. To remove that, most leading holistic physicians use a cilantro herb concentrate plus homeopathic mercury detox formulas and /or ruptured-cell chlorella. I use the juice of organic cilantro produced by my herb company to which I add a homeopathic mercury detox formula.  The other common toxic metal offenders: lead, cadmium, aluminum, nickel, and copper may be eliminated from the body by the ion foot bath units I employ.   Doctor’s Data Laboratory did the analysis of the ion foot bath water before and after immersion of test subject’s feet and found very substantial increase in toxic metals in the water where the patients’ feet were immersed as compared to control water that contained the ionizing electrodes only.

Intestinal Infections/dysbiosis. 

Since I began practice I recognized that the balance of intestinal bacteria is profoundly important for general wellbeing.  When the 400 to 700 species of bacteria that normally reside in the intestines are out of balance, they generate biotoxins and neurotoxins which are immune suppressive and can stress many areas of the body.  These toxins are generally implicated in skin reactions/eruptions, joint pain and arthritis, so called “fibromyalgia,” and many autoimmune reactions which commonly affect the thyroid, pancreas, and intestines.  When reflex muscle testing show strong imbalance in the intestinal area, I generally order stool cultures and intestinal panels to microbiologically show what is present, and to determine if the protective Lactobacillus bacteria is growing.  Frequently it is not, and when that is the case I choose herbal medicines specific to the patient to eradicate the negative bacteria, and find the proper probiotic (positive bacteria) for the patient to take supplemental.  Time and again, I see that chronic chiropractic patients who historically have required very frequent adjusting actually lose the chronic nature of their complaints when the intestines are restored to better health.  Their ligament tone (influenced by spleen and liver function) becomes better and their structure stays in place much longer once it is adjusted. 

Negative subconscious patterning.  

A whole specialized area of healing (often referred to as “Thought Field Therapy, TFT”) has been developed by chiropractic pioneers in body-mind therapies such as Dr. Scott Walker and Dr. M.T. Morter (the developer of B.E.S.T., bioenergetics synchronization technique.)  Psychologists such as Roger Callahan (who is most often associated with TFT) and Rob Williams (Psych-K founder) have made fundamental contributions to this area.  The whole endeavor rests upon the original discoveries of George Goodheart, D.C. (the discoverer of applied kinesiology muscle testing) and psychiatrist, John Diamond, M.D. who first developed the process of “semantic screening” to uncover whether the subconscious mind of a patient is harboring negative messages about life or health.  In this process, a patient’s strong muscle is used as a binary switch to give a “yes” or “no” answer in response to a statement he is instructed to make out loud.  For example, one of the most basic semantic screening statements is, “Life is good.”  If the patient makes this statement and a previously strong muscle weakens, it is a sign that his subconscious mind does NOT believe that life is good.  Dr. Diamond first showed me this phenomenon in his Connecticut office in 1998.  I was astonished when he showed me that he was using herbs made by my company to reverse patients’ negative subconscious patterning.  I had to watch him perform this procedure for 3 days before I could believe what I was seeing.  If the right herbal substance having the correct energy was chosen, administering a few drops orally to the patient would change the semantic screening response, and often changes the individual’s outlook on life profoundly.  I now use the process I learned from Dr. Diamond on every patient I see.  I especially employ powerful new flower remedies I am developing made by a process I patented in 2001 which keeps the flower alive – UNCUT- while it is prepared.  This creates healing force orders of magnitude more powerful than the conventional Bach flower remedies whereby flowers are severed from the mother plant before they are extracted.

Structural integrity (spine/skull/muscles.)  

When a new patient sees me, I request that they schedule 3 visits in a two week period for comprehensive structural evaluation and treatment to work toward normalizing blood and nerve supply throughout the whole body.  During these visits it normally becomes clear how structural problems relate to the 3 areas above and vice versa.  Structural corrections are made on each visit, and are evaluated on the subsequent visit to make sure they held.  Foot baths are typically started on the second visit to clear heavy metals and to drain the congested lymphatic system.  On the third or fourth visit I evaluate the patient’s state of intestinal heath and how it may be relating to the pressing complaints they have.  I then begin herbal, nutritional, and probiotic therapy for correction of the condition.


The Four Pillars of Health all depend upon essential changes in diet.  Two kinds of simple changes are necessary.  First: one must stop eating what is poisoning the body.  Second, one must introduce into the body therapeutic foods and beverages.  The damaging foods to stop consist primarily of the following: carbonated soft drinks (e.g. diet and regular Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, etc.), refined sugar and sugar products, dairy products (yes, that includes ice cream!), wheat and yeasted breads, coffee, peanuts and peanut butter, chocolate, and members of the nightshade family of vegetables ( potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers.)  The most important therapeutic foods to add or increase are the dark green leafy vegetables such as kale, collard, Swiss chard, and turnip greens.  They contain high levels of essential vitamins and anti-inflammatory natural chemicals called flavonoids. They help to repair tissue and cleanse the body.  Matters of nutrition and nutritional supplementation specific to each patient are handled in a more detailed fashion in the office.

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