General Testimonials

General Testimonials

When I first encountered Dr. Davis I was suffering from PTSD caused by witnessing the death of a loved one. His techniques to clear this emotional pain and concurrent stress responses were amazing. In 3 visits I feel like I have myself back again. My physical and emotional well being have dramatically improved. Additionally, he has used applied kinesiology and reflex testing to improve my endometriosis and immune system. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Thank you for making such a change in my health!

Katherine E.

I came to see Dr. Davis because I wasn’t feeling well. He noticed right away that my left shoulder was 1 ½” higher than my right. Then I realized that my eye and my ear that was bothering me were also on the left side. After a couple adjustments (neck and upper back) I immediately feel better, and the muscle which had tested weak was now strong. I also feel clearer headed. Thank you Dr. Davis, for your gift of helping people stay in balance.

Susan P.

Dr. Davis helped me overcome my fears of ghosts and evil things. He helped me with my legs going numb. I feel happier.

Sophia H., Age 10

The flower essences not only changed my life but saved me from years of being trapped in trauma. We have moved from being a family pinned down by fear to a family that dreams big dreams, accomplishes them and inspires that same greatness in others. The healing was spiritual, emotional and physical and mental. I can honestly say today that I love, honor and respect my body. Thank you so much!

Holly H.

I came to see Dr. Davis about my test taking confidence. In the span of 3 weeks of his treatments, I have improved my weakest areas on the med school preparatory test, MCAT (physical sciences) from a (6) to a (10), and also finished the section with 9:20 minutes to spare. I am astonished and delighted!


I came to see Dr. Davis because I was experiencing problems with my digestive health. My treatment with him has greatly improved things in this area as well as decreased my low back pain, lowered my blood pressure, and helped heal physical and emotional trauma, some decades old. I have more energy, sense of ease in my body, and general well-being than I’ve had in years.

Liz C., Nashville


I feel good……..No I feel GREAT, FINE and WONDERFUL!

After 15 years, 32 different medications, massive brain surgery (9 ½ hours), brain tumor, donor menges flap and fluid, taking off the left side of my skull, being in a wheel chair, having to learn to walk again, Phlebitis and 478 lbs…….I found the answer to my prayers in the form of Dr. Brent Davis! His Ionic Foot bath program, along with the correct diet and flower essences have given me a new lease on life. I feel great! I walk 2 miles every other day. Today I actually walked around the grocery store with no help- NOT EVEN A SHOPPING CART! By following the advice and council of Dr. Brent Davis, I have begun a long journey of HOPE HAPPINESS AND SMILES!


Autism Responds!

Dear Davis Holistic Chiropractic Center, We want to thank you for the incredible progress that our son Jack has made after using your flower remedies along with the folic acid and zinc supplements you prescribed. Jack was diagnosed at Vanderbilt with autism in January 2006 at age 3yrs old, and was basically non verbal, he would repeat about 10 or so words, our communication was very poor. Jack was also more frustrated, we had a hard time getting him to eat, and seemed to be distracted and not very happy much of the time. We did see a slow progression of expression, but your supplements made an incredible surge of change after only 2-3 weeks. He is now: Repeating almost "everything" we say including 1-3 word sentences. Initiating at least 25-30 or so words and knows what they are. Initiating a few 2 word sentences. Enjoying his able to express himself and exercising very much Much happier and shows how excited he is. Less aggressive towards his brother and us (less frustrated, not sure if only because of able to communicate more, may be more balanced). More patient with waiting and understanding "no" and "wait" after being very impatient. Playing with his toys on a more social level. Incredible eye contact while talking to him or him speaking to you Overall enjoying his life at a higher level We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we are loving the explosion of speech, and his success is impressing our family and therapist as well. Everyday is a tear of joy.

Mary Sweeney and family for Jack Sweeney
Nashville, June 2006

Teacher’s Triumph

I came to see Dr Davis on 4-21 -05 because I had terrible headaches and no energy.

Since then my life has been transformed. I am free of pain, and have great energy. Three years ago I had a thyroidectomy, I thought I was supposed to be without energy, and also accepted the headaches and fatigue. I can say today, after taking the products of Dr. Davis that I am alive, energized, joyful, and looking forward to a great future. I am eating healthy and feeling better than 12 years ago. I used to drink 4 cups of coffee to start the day. Now I don’t have to drink it, I just enjoy1/2 cup with breakfast.


P.S. I am a teacher in a very tough school and the kids used to drain all my energy by the second period. Now I can teach nonstop all day , and still feel good.

Younger While Growing Older

I started seeing Dr. Davis in 2001 when I was having trouble with ligaments and maintaining an adjustment. It was difficult for me to walk long distances and I was in pain a great deal. It has been a slow process, but Dr. Davis’ treatment with probiotics and flower essences has gradually made me feel much better. Even though I am five years older, I feel much younger and stronger. I can again enjoy nature walks and museums. I am very grateful.

Barbara G., Nashville

I WAS AMAZED with the Ionic Footbath!

As I was relaxing with my first ion foot bath, I noticed a strange sensation, a sense that the “brain fog” was running out of my head. My thinking was much clearer and I believe has remained that way. Also, my energy level is much higher than when I first came to Dr Davis’


Fixing The Whole Body!

In June of 2005 I sought Dr. Davis’ help for digestive problems which had been going on for some 4 months. My regular doctor whom I had seen a few weeks prior said that my problems were probably stress related and to not worry. I made an appointment to see Dr. Davis who ran a test and we found that I had no good bacteria in my digestive tract and lots of bad bacteria. He put me on some good herbs and probiotics and within a few weeks I noticed a big improvement. Two months from the time that we got started not only did my digestive system get back to normal my chronic sinus problems cleared up as well. He explained to me that the bacteria in my colon plays a strong role in the health of the rest of the body, especially my sinuses. I had suffered from sinus infections and sinus congestions for most of my life. I used to blame my sinus problems on allergies humidity, and almost everything else like most people. This was the first winter in years that I did not get a sinus infection. After years of breathing through my mouth I cannot begin to explain how great it feels to be able to breathe through my nose. He also had me do the ionic foot bath and put me on his own flower essences. Two weeks after taking the flower essences I noticed that I had become very positive in my thinking. Little things that used to get me upset no longer did. I had no idea I could feel this great. I am very grateful for Dr. Davis and Martha for all their help in showing me what great health really is.

Great health to all,

R. Pendergrass, Nashville

HOW Can So Many Things Clear Up At Once?

Dr. Davis Here are some of the amazing positive changes I’ve noticed in my health over the past 4 weeks under your care. I have and overall sense of well-being. My dry eye syndrome is gone! My head thoughts are not foggy. My breathing has gotten much more calm. Before, I felt as though I had tightness in my chest and my breathing was shallow. Also, my irritable bowel has nearly completely cleared up. My body is relaxed for the first time in years. Also, I do not feel depressed about life in general.

Thanks! Gina