How to safely detox

The Healing Response
(AKA "Healing Crisis")

The Healing Response is the activation of the human body in response to natural therapy and lifestyle changes. It is the beginning of the body’s reorientation toward health and may consist of numerous symptoms. When we call something by a name with energy behind it, the meaning of the name exerts a real effect. That is why I recommend that the commonly used term “Healing Crisis” be replaced by “Healing Response.” We certainly don’t want to anticipate a “crisis” when it can generally be avoided.

Classically, the Healing Response is described as the body’s discharging of toxins, unhealthy attitudes, and beliefs.

Modern living subjects the body to many deadening influences which must be reversed when we decide to regain or advance our health. These negative influences include: pesticides and/or chemicals in food, water, and synthetic beverages (colas); suppressive effects of pharmaceutical drugs and immunizations; structural injuries from accidents, falls, etc. which cause spinal misalignment and muscular malfunction (later causing deficiency of blood and nerve circulation in affected parts of one’s body); and the psychological trauma of living apart from the nurturing and balancing influence of Nature. The latter phenomenon, associated with loss of community and deterioration of our family structure, contributes to inconsiderate behavior and eventually emotional or physical abuse.

Quite a lot to deal with! Fortunately, however, wonderful integrative therapies have evolved relatively recently which allow us to rebuild balance and health step by step, helping us to surmount obstacles to recovery and life enhancement.

When strong natural therapies are used to reawaken parts of our body that have been turned off for reasons mentioned above, there is a discharge of toxicity from deep within tissues and organs. This may be uncomfortable for a short period, but is essential for better health. Physical symptoms related to this could include: head or chest cold with production of mucous in the sinuses or lungs; constipation or diarrhea; skin eruptions; unusual fatigue; nausea, headaches, or sleepiness. When it occurs, I normally see an initial Healing Response of up to three days, but in especially congested and chronic cases it can last up to a week.

Try to find an experienced natural health professional with whom you can communicate and check in should symptoms develop on the road to recovery. PLEASE avoid the temptation to suppress the natural cleansing of the body by taking antibiotics, over-the-counter cold or digestive system drugs, etc. This stops the very healing you are trying to achieve. Instead, realize the wonderful ability of the body to heal itself with Innate Intelligence and the divine wisdom of our Creator. Pledge to exercise patience and trust, and try to avoid the suppressive intervention of drugs unless there are severe and progressively worsening symptoms. When short term fever occurs in the 100-103 degree range: use especially cleansing diet; create an environment where you can rest, pray or meditate; and celebrate that your immune system is activating naturally to heal. Fever “burns up” infection. Keep channels of elimination open (bowels, lungs, kidneys, skin.)

Over the many years that I have administered natural therapies, I have watched a maturing of the Healing Response in my patients. By that I mean that when certain preparatory steps are taken, the reactivation of health in a person’s body can generally be achieved with minimal or no negative symptoms.

Keys to avoiding unpleasant symptoms are:
(1) being careful not to administer too strong a therapy before the patient’s body is ready to receive it, and
(2) use drainage therapies to minimize physical reaction during the cleaning process.

Protocols I use at the Davis Vital Health Center are outlined in educational pamphlets titled, Life Enhancement, and The Four Pillars of Health and Diet. In a nutshell they are:

(1) Encourage opening of the tissues and movement of lymph by stopping congestive dietary intake. Eliminate milk and milk products; reduce or eliminate animal foods for a while; eliminate cane sugar of all types and reduce all sweeteners; adopt a cleansing diet based on your body type and constitution (I’ll give you a written, individualized dietary plan.)

(2) Initiate ion foot baths to non-invasively draw toxins out of body tissues.

(3) Drain tissues and organs by the use of selectively chosen herbal extracts, nutrients, and homeopathics. A great many of these are natural immune boosters.

(4) Administer the type of chiropractic manipulation which is best suited to each individual, ranging from audible release of joint space (traditional adjusting) on the one side of the spectrum all the way to non-force adjustments by light touch and polarity balancing (e.g. Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique, B.E.S.T.) on the other end of the spectrum.

(5) Reduce or eliminate cellular memories of injuries or trauma by chiropractic injury recall techniques and neuroemotional therapies.

(6) Soothe mental/emotional stresses by the use of newly invented, UNCUT, live flower essences called FlorAlive™.

These are described on the site

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