Health Conditions

Health Conditions Treated at DHCC:

Some of the conditions following are treated directly. In the case of named medical diseases, patients are treated rather than treating a disease. By restoring healthy physiological balance, your body can naturally
eliminate many named conditions and diseases.

(1) Difficult or chronic conditions - MYSTERY health problems associated with chronic unwellness - often misdiagnosed or missed entirely.

I find very often that my new patients have been told by previous health providers that they have such and such a named condition. If the diagnosis comes from a mainstream medical provider, drugs may have been supplied for constant use before any effort has been made to heal the body with rational natural therapies. This dismisses the opportunity for recovering true and natural health, and disturbs the possibilities for other preventive care, especially due to the toxicity of consuming prescription drugs on a long-term basis.

Even if previous health providers have been holistically motivated, sometimes they do not have the training or length of clinical experience necessary to detect and isolate primary causes from many confounding symptoms. When core causes are treated properly, even complex health complaints can resolve quite rapidly.

(2) Pain, spinal and other structure tension, tightness, discomfort, muscle soreness.

One of the most important principles discovered in the advanced chiropractic field of applied kinesiology, proven over and over in clinical practice, is that the point of pain is generally not where the CAUSE of the pain is located. Therefore it is essential that the health provider have training to assess the whole body with respect to how it is contributing to the point of pain. A common example is unbearable and constant shoulder muscle pain and tension. Most often there are several factors contributing to this, especially mal-positioned bones in the lower back and neck which must be restored to position and maintained, and muscle group imbalance causing the shoulder muscles to stay contracted and tight. In these instances, massaging the muscles and back will only provide short term relief. The causes must be corrected for the condition to actually leave.

(3) Unhappiness, hopelessness, depression.

At the turn of the new millennium, Dr. Davis discovered and began pioneering an extraordinary new approach to removing unhappiness, hopelessness and depression. His invention moved to a new and deeper level with the wonderful practice of flower essence therapy discovered by British physician, Edward Bach. The following is an excerpt from Dr. Edward Bach Is Smiling.

(4) Digestive disorders (constipation, loose stool, bloating, "acid reflux", etc.

Digestive disorders such as constipation, loose stool, bloating, "acid reflux" and more often share the common cause of chronic low grade intestinal infection and low levels of healthful, protective bacteria, the so-called "probiotics." Increasingly, simply taking probiotic products is not sufficient to remove the digestive disorder. A more in depth approach is often required.

(5) Headaches, shoulder tension, low back pain.

Headaches of all types often are caused by several factors simultaneously: structural imbalance described in #2 above; poor diet and food intolerance ("allergies") causing an inflammatory response; stored neurological memory of past accidents causing constant misfiring in the nervous system resulting in muscle spasm which causes headaches (this is removed by applying the chiropractic therapy of bio-energetic synchronization technique B.E.S.T.); malfunctioning and toxic bowels causing liver congestion which is essentially associated with headaches.

(6) Fibromyalgia, clouded or failing memory, chronic fatigue syndrome, apparent multiple sclerosis, apparent neurodegenerative diseases

Lyme disease, mycoplasma, other neurotoxin mediated illnesses, other chronic or recurring infections

Both of these topic headings have a great deal to do with chronic infection syndromes. With more than 20 years of clinical experience, Dr. Davis has pioneered many natural therapies to broadly address these difficult conditions. For an excellent background read this article and this summary of one of Dr. Davis' health professional teleseminars.

(7) Chronic sinus congestion and recurring infection.

Specific homeopathic and herbal products with particular dietary change and the proper form of cranial and spinal adjusting will often resolve very stubborn cases of recurring sinus infection and/or congestion.

(8) Women's health issues such as PMS, hot flashes, hormonal imbalance read more; men's health issues such as enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hypertrophy), reduced sexual vigor and lack of endurance.

Information coming soon.

(9) Hair loss in women

Hair loss is secondarily a hormonal issue and PRIMARILY a symptom of abnormal bacterial overgrowth in the gut (producing neurotoxins) which poisons the body in general and disturbs hormonal balance. "Fix" the gut (increase the healthy bacteria) and in the vast majority of cases hair growth resumes, often resulting in healthier and more beautiful hair than has ever been experienced.


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