Holistic chiropractic approach to treating infants and children

Child & Infant Care

Holistic Care of Children & Infants

A message from Dr. Davis:
The most fun I have in practice is when I treat children. When their parents are in tune with ‘the program’, kids are a delight to treat, and they are wonderful and rapidly responding patients. So you can imagine that I am saddened when I hear that people are not aware that chiropractors treat children.

Most of the procedures I do for adults, I do for children as well. The great difference is that when children are examined, and core deficiencies are discovered and treated appropriately with holistic care, they don’t need much treatment. And they become much healthier adults.

I like to see infants one to three weeks after birth to give an overall exam of structure to undo some of the structural trauma from the birth process. It is generally present, particularly stretching and torsion of the neck and skull which can lead to imbalances down the line in later maturation – if undetected and untreated. At this age the treatments are very gentle respiratory adjustments, generally with no thrust, and cranial therapies. This is specifically an area that is not addressed in mainstream medicine – obstetrics & pediatrics. In a less compromised world, infants would automatically be seen by chiropractors soon after birth, and would be part of any rational hospital system.

“Allergies and asthma” are two of the conditions in children and infants that are very gratifying to change. The reason that these two conditions are in ditto marks is because they are often occurring as a result of numerous structural and systemic imbalances – that when treated cause those named conditions to disappear. Under my care, I have seen many children be permanently relieved of asthmatic symptoms. Be sure to call and discuss with me your health concerns with your children to see if I may be of assistance.

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