Nashville holistic chiropractor speeds recovery from work accidents

Accidents & Injuries (Work/Job)

Two of the most common work related injuries and complaints are:

1. Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) Definition: RSI, also known as repetitive strain injury, repetitive motion injuries, repetitive motion disorder (RMD), cumulative trauma disorder (CTD), occupational overuse syndrome, overuse syndrome, regional musculoskeletal disorder), is an injury of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems that may be caused by repetitive tasks, forceful exertions, vibrations, mechanical compression (pressing against hard surfaces), sustained, or awkward positions.(Be sure to read bottom of page for essential information on treatment.)

In RSI, symptoms (which include pain, weakness, and loss of joint and muscle function) are caused by small but cumulative tissue damage that results from performance of repeated and sustained tasks. The onset is normally slow, and does not involve acute injury. It more often involves chronic injury as a result of ergonomically challenging body positions while doing a task.

2. Lifting Injuries generally affect the lower back or neck and frequently result in pain, numbness, or tingling down arms or legs. Applied kinesiology manual repair procedures are administered to repair the physiological support mechanisms that have failed, and that normally protect us from injury. Then when any necessary spinal adjustments are made, they typically hold their connection much longer, and permanent relief can be obtained.

How To Recover Quickly:

What most workers fail to realize is that at various times they become “accidents waiting to happen.” Related to lower spine disc injuries we commonly hear: “doctor, I didn’t do anything”. I just bent over to toss the piece of paper in the wastebasket and then, all of a sudden my back seized up.”It’s worth reporting a clinical discovery that Dr. Davis made over twenty years ago (Chemically Induced Ligamentous Laxity Syndrome) and then presented to doctors assembled at the International College of Applied Kinesiology. He found that exposure to vapors in plasticizers, new paint, new carpet, auto interiors, toxic water bottles, and the like particularly attack the kidney area causing the related psoas muscles in the front of the lower spine to weaken. When this happens, it is likely that small stresses can produce serious disc injury that would not otherwise have happened. This is far more common than one might expect. There is a wonderful herbal remedy that helps support kidney function and the return of psoas muscle strength, and when that is administered it is relatively easy to remove the pain from disc syndrome and make the appropriate gentle manipulations to restore normal position to the compromised spine and discs. This type of ligament problem can occur in other parts of the body as well, and is often part of ligament weakness in carpal tunnel syndrome. (It is important to note that conditions like carpal tunnel are often affected by this ligamentous laxity, and if properly treated and necessary adjustments of the cervical spine are made, the carpal tunnel goes away – often avoiding need for surgery.)

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