Holistic Medicine

Holistic Medicine

Throughout most of history, medicine was nothing but “holistic.” That is, it took into consideration all the factors that influence the development of unhealthy symptoms in mind, body, and spirit. It sought to restore balance by the administration of both physical and “energy healing” modalities.

Mainstream physicians face a daunting task just to absorb the enormous amount of information that relates to many different specialties, each with volumes of research conducted in institutions that are not involved with delivery of natural healing and age-old practices of integrative care.

Institutional medicine focuses on pharmaceutical interventions, surgery, and highly sophisticated diagnostic techniques that use advanced instrumentation. For many reasons it is simply difficult for medical physicians to find the time after medical school to take extensive training in alternative natural therapies, even if they have the interest.

Dr. Davis has been in touch with holistic medical doctors and all types of holistic health professionals since 1981 when he began his herbal company that exists to this day (Forest Center Herbs.) It focuses on delivering the highest quality herbal remedies to holistic health professionals.

He has, therefore, naturally been in touch with many holistic physicians and visited several holistic medical practices.With few exceptions he finds an interesting phenomenon. Due to demands of their practice, holistic medical doctors for the most part hire alternative health practitioners such as acupuncturists, herbalists, homeopaths, and energy healers of various descriptions to provide the hands on healing in their clinics. They generally prefer to focus on performing and interpreting mainstream medical tests and laboratory analysis (and to overseeing and taking responsibility for those they employ.) This is often a practical choice because they have received years of training in institutional medicine.

“Holistic medicine” has evolved into a generic term that frequently operates outside the domain of licensed M.D.’s – which is to say that it may involve many different types of practitioners.