Reverse Aging Naturally

What Is It Worth to You to Reverse Aging?

A few years ago I read a document from a LOHAS (Life-styles Of Health and Sustainability) report. Over 2000 households were carefully polled to measure a number of parameters relating to holistic and eco-conscious consumer spending.

In upper middle income families on average about $6,000 per year is spent in the category classed as anti-aging. (Included in this were expenditures on exercise equipment and gym memberships.) That’s a lot of disposable income! I wonder how wisely that money is being spent, and how well anti-aging is understood.

With my patients my goal is to administer therapies so as to diminish 5 major contributors to aging:

1. Mainstream American diets full of damaging fats, concentrated sugars and toxic chemicals, and other diets deficient in antioxidant nutrients (which are concentrated most in vegetables) cause free radical damage and inflammation to our cells. 

That is aging. I provide coaching on how to optimize your diet for your body type and medical history. I provide the highest quality antioxidant supplements tailored to your bioenergetic needs. 

2. Improper structural alignment and muscular imbalance (generally from untreated injuries) over time causes extra spinal wear and reduced joint range of motion, contributing to old or osteoarthritic joints. That IS aging. I use numerous advanced structural therapies to remove memory of old injuries and restore balance.

3. Accumulation of biotoxins and heavy metals in our tissue poisons cellular respiration and results in inflammation. That IS aging. I developed a special program built around Ion Footbath detoxification to remove these contaminants from your body.

4. Nearly universal unbalanced intestinal flora (low grade gut infections) with a deficiency of protective bacteria such as Lactobacillus causes irritation and damage to the absorptive lining of the gut.  Pervasive negative intestinal bacteria produce very unhealthy chemicals called neuro and biotoxins. This causes inflammation. That IS aging.  I administer a unique class of herbal products that safely  kill the negative bacteria allowing the Lactobacillus to grow.

5. Stored unhealthy subconscious memories cause the brain to constantly replay past trauma.  This creates stress which is generally inseparable from inflammation.  That IS aging.  I use neuroemotional treatments and UNCUT flower essence therapy to help remove painful memories of trauma such as mental or physical abuse.

Approaching aging with the integrated therapies of these five factors often produces astonishingly positive changes in the amount of energy you have, your mental outlook, and your appearance.  I use pre and post treatment digital images to document improvement in appearance and the youthful transformation that often occurs.

So what is it worth to begin reversing aging and to look and feel younger?

My office was given a subscription to a magazine patients enjoy reading called Condé Nast’s TRAVELER. With beautiful pictures it highlights hundreds of vacation spots and hotels that are popular around the world. It is astonishing to note that the room rates per night in these hotels range between $300 to $1200. A lot of people are spending beaucoup bucks to feel and look better for a few days!

When I tell people that at my office it costs in the neighborhood of $2000 over ONE ENTIRE YEAR to implement a powerful anti-aging and wellness program, I know it is a tremendous value and a great benefit.

Call now and begin your anti-aging journey!  (931) 888-0388. For readers who are out of the local area, I provide health coaching by phone after I review your complete history, and I select the appropriate FlorAlive® UNCUT flower"! essences for stress reduction, and to help in bringing greater manifestation into your life. Please visit my website for full details at