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How we know OUR Ion Foot Bathsystem
works for DEEP Cleansing:

Notice: Although the photographs below were taken by Dr. Davis in his clinic on an actual patient (comparing their end foot bath to that of a control – clearly described following), all persons who receive an ion foot bath in this clinic may not achieve similar results.

A = Control after 30 mins B = Patient after 30 mins
    1. At Davis Holistic Chiropractic Center we have two identical ion foot bath units (for two patients) in a comfortable, dedicated station. For these photos, both units were set to the same time, with an identical electrode setting. The filtered water with salt is the same. Both units were turned on at the same time. In A, there was no patient. In B, a patient’s feet were held still for the 30 minutes that both units were running. The difference between B and A is the material that is ejected from the body.

    1. When Dr. Davis began using ion foot bath support in his practice in 2001, he developed an independent measurement method to test pre and post footbath response in his patients. Before the foot bath Dr. Davis tests lymphatic drainage integrity with applied kinesiology muscle test response. After the foot bath is complete, he repeats the same test and compares the response. In virtually all cases, AFTER the ion footbath there is a major improvement in lymphatic drainage integrity.  This strongly supports detoxification from the body.

  1. At different stages of care, some patients elect to take a period of time when they only receive a series of ion foot baths. Over the years we have heard scores of patient reports that energy and wellbeing substantially increase after using our ion footbaths WHEN NO OTHER THERAPY IS BEING TAKEN. With only one variable, the ion foot bath, this is compelling information.

Dr. Davis employs the ion footbath as part of an integrative health system including nutrition and several other modalities – not as part of what could be erroneously viewed as a stand-alone health novelty.

From his experience and perspective, the proper use of the ion footbath assists patient recovery and health in at least two ways that explain the rationale for communicating those benefits, explained in more detail further on.

• First, when it is employed within the contemporary and integrative framework of environmental health and the chiropractic discipline of applied kinesiology, the ionic footbath enhances body detoxification by stimulating lymphatic circulation (which Dr. Davis discovered on his patients empirically by applied kinesiology muscle testing.)

• Second, when that occurs, muscle tone is improved which automatically stabilizes spinal and other articulations more effectively. As a result, the body’s auto-regulation of postural balance is enhanced, and many repeated spinal adjustments may not be necessary. This results in a cost-savings to patients.

Get an Ion Foot Bath from a Master of Alternative Health Care In Lobelville

A Message From Dr. Brent W. Davis

I pioneered a deep and complete method of body detoxification beginning in 2001 employing the ion foot bath at its core.

I was able to do this because I placed this technology into the context of many years of holistic clinical practice, AND I had methods to measure the effects of the instrument on my patients.

    • It is critical to understand that all ion footbath units are NOT equal in effectiveness and the methods of employing them are certainly not equal.

    • The ion generating machine used at Davis Holistic Chiropractic Center is produced by the company that first manufactured units in the U.S. based on technology that originated in Australia. It costs many times more than cheap units that are widely being used as “ion footbaths” and are just NOT effective.  Our ion generating electrodes cost much more than inexpensive electrodes widely being used.

  • The water that goes into in our footbaths is filtered to remove chlorine and toxic contaminants.

What does the ion footbath do and how does it fit
into highly effective natural healing?

I found the answers to that very important question because I have the ability to monitor health response in each individual patient by methods of reflex testing using the specialized technique of applied kinesiology. Profound findings I made were:

    1. After a proper ion footbath, congested lymphatic flow is reversed, and this is critical to the process of detoxification.

  1. Reflex indications of low immune function are reversed after a properly administered ion footbath.

I measure these responses in each patient over time – making sure they improve – and utilize specific dietary, nutritional, and herbal support to speed the detox process so that you do NOT have to keep using the footbath to stay feeling well.

  1. Chemical contaminants and heavy metals such as aluminum and lead are quite possibly discharged through the feet, after the ion footbath, according to a toxic metal analysis performed by Doctor’s Data lab.

At Davis Holistic Chiropractic Center you can obtain the complete care required for optimal health as you are receiving footbaths. You can also take the footbaths just on their own.

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