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Low Back Pain, X-rays, and Applied
Kinesiology Muscle Testing

  • Dr. Davis uses applied kinesiology muscle testing to help him diagnose the cause of low back pain.
  • As a result, at Davis Holistic Chiropractic Center we do not mandatorily require x-rays in order to provide back pain relief. Many times, Dr. Davis is able to diagnose and treat lower back pain through other means.
  • Occasionally we may need to refer out for an x-ray but we do not require mandatory x-rays since in most cases are not necessary in back pain treatment.

Applied kinesiology diagnosis is a highly effective method for arriving at the cause of low back pain without having to use x-rays.

It allows Dr. Davis to deliver effective care and to achieve back pain relief very quickly in most cases. Applied kinesiology is a system that evaluates structural, chemical, and mental aspects of health by using a method referred to as manual muscle testing alongside conventional diagnostic methods to understand the cause of low back pain in many of our patients.

Do not think that Dr. Davis will ask you to lift weights or run an obstacle course, though, to diagnosis the cause of your low back pain! This is not a raw test of strength, but rather a subtle, objective evaluation of tension in the muscle and smoothness of response. The differences in muscle response can be indicative of various stresses and imbalances in the body that can lead to lower back pain.

A weak muscle test is equated to either mechanical dysfunction, chemical or structural imbalance, or mental stress, indicative of suboptimal functioning. This suboptimal functioning may present itself in the form of lower back pain or some other physical symptom.

Dr. Davis tests a patient’s muscles in many different positions, both before and after the treatment; this enables him to assess the efficiency of the treatment. Lower back pain is often a symptom of something deeper that is going on within the patient so Dr. Davis will sometimes test with various herbal remedies or other supplements to see if the low back pain that is presenting is actually a result of a nutritional imbalance. He may also test organ reflexes or body functions as these may be the underlying cause of the low back pain.

The basic assumption of applied kinesiology is that the body can heal itself, but often the body needs the guidance of a practitioner such as Dr. Davis to help efficiently and quickly guide the body back to a state of no low back pain or other physical symptom.

Dr. Davis is experienced in finding those underlying root causes and treating the cause of lower back pain and not just the symptom thus allowing the body to heal itself and providing the patient with back pain relief.