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Injury/Emotional Recall Technique

The Most Powerful and Therapeutic
Chiropractic Adjustment Ever Discovered…

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You wouldn’t recognize this “adjustment” because there is no manual manipulation of bones, no audible release, no “click.”

The screening that will benefit you is for “emotional recall” and “injury recall.” It is a neuromuscular chiropractic evaluation to see if your brain has a memory of a physical injury (like an impact, fall, or sports injury) OR the memory of a heavily charged emotional trauma or shock. If either is discovered, there is a corrective procedure.

Just about everyone has one or the other, and most commonly both. When these are found and removed by the chiropractic reflex and breathing procedure I employ – the “adjustment” – the memory of injury or shock is “erased”, and can be verified neurologically by applied kinesiology that it is gone. When that occurs, there is a profound relief in the body because it stops replaying the past trauma that it was doing 24 hours a day at the level of the subconscious mind. This can make HUGE changes in chronic aches, pains, and many areas of unwellness that can then leave permanently.

I am estimating that less than 1% of chiropractors are familiar with this incredible therapy, so most folks have never benefitted from it. Let your friends and family know about it!

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Dr. Brent Davis
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