Nashville Chiropractor Focusing on Removing Physical & Emotional Pain

Nashville Chiropractor Focusing
on Removing Physical & Emotional Pain

Treatment for the relief of pain brings people to doctors’ offices more often than anything else.

At Davis Holistic Chiropractic Center highly effective holistic chiropractic techniques (newly developed in the last 30 years) are employed to not only relieve pain, both physical and emotional, but to get to the core causes of why the pain is there so it can be effectively removed.

Dr. Davis’ integrative treatment approach draws from approximately six different techniques in holistic
chiropractic, with particular emphasis on advanced applied kinesiology (muscle testing) procedures.
He employs both conventional spinal manipulation and non-force adjustment techniques, as indicated by the unique requirements of each patient.

Reflex testing of nervous system function is a wonderful guide as to which therapies are indicated each
treatment. Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (BEST) is a chiropractic therapy that can be profoundly helpful in removing the emotional causes of structural pain. A technique called “injury recall” removes brain
memory of past traumatic injuries and promotes deeper and faster healing of current structurally based