Naturally healing allergies with a holistic chiropractic approach


We see a hostile world painted by advertising where natural things like beautiful trees and flowers conspire against us with their pollen to supposedly impel us to sneeze or manifest other allergy symptoms. And while a heavy load of pollen may be the precipitating factor that causes watery and swollen eyes, sneezing and the like, that is the effect of the imbalances, not the real cause.

Allergies arise when the multiple factors responsible for maintaining healthy anti-inflammatory response in the body fail. When that occurs, the immune system becomes hypersensitive and develops an exaggerated response to normal things floating in the air, such as pollen. Or it can become hyper-sensitized to certain foods, environmental chemicals, and more…

Naturally, when aggravating foods are discovered or when it is obvious that a huge load of pollen is dumping from the “tree next door” it makes sense to avoid the precipitating factors as much as possible. THEN, look to and go after the causes of why your body is hyper-reactive. You may need some natural anti-inflammatory homeopathic allergy preparations and special nutrients too, temporarily to get over acute symptoms, but when you work on the cause of allergic response, over time with the proper care you can receive at Davis Holistic Chiropractic Center, you will generally see a lessening of response to the same allergic exposure. That is a measure of progress.

In all the “conditions treated” section of the Davis Holistic Chiropractic Center web site, you will see certain basics of the same model of natural health applied regardless of the condition. Dr. Davis treats you – the patient – not some named disorder or disease. From the many years of Dr. Davis’ practice (and the practices of his respected colleagues), the best and longest lasting results in the management of allergies are seen when the individual patient is analyzed and treated for how well he or she is functioning in core critical areas. These areas can be effectively screened by applied kinesiology muscle testing and a reflex technique Dr. Davis developed called “holographic scanning”.

They are the areas of:

  • Structural balance from head to foot which influences blood, nerve, acupuncture meridian, and lymphatic circulation, which are the channels by which the body regulates itself. All these areas are evaluated and treated by applied kinesiology and other specialized areas of Dr. Davis’ training such as the chiropractic discipline of Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (BEST).

  • Reflex indications of immune stress from low level hidden infection commonly found in the digestive tract (poor intestinal flora.) Supplements and frequency healing are very effective support in this area.

  • Assessment of the amount of unconscious mind stressors that the individual is holding and initiation of specific measures to release negative self-talk such as FlorAlive® flower essence transformation.

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