Create a naturally healthy pregnancy:Great holistic chiropractic support


Dr. Davis’ favorite approach to helping women achieve the healthiest possible pregnancy is to work with them before they even conceive. That way, from the very start, the woman’s body is oriented toward the best possible development of new life. Of course, that is often not possible, and Dr. Davis starts prenatal chiropractic and natural therapies when he first meets the new patient that is pregnant.

The average health consumer does not realize that there are dozens of approaches to chiropractic spinal manipulation and structural therapies. Chiropractic is not generic! Dr. Davis employs several approaches to repositioning the body, and for pregnant women pays special attention to gentle adjustment methods that are still completely effective.

A first major objective in preparing for a healthy pregnancy is to make sure all parts of the spine (especially pelvis, low back, and neck bones) are properly aligned and freely mobile. This ensures the best possible circulation of nerve and blood supply to the developing embryo and fetus. When the pelvis is freely mobile it can only help assure the easiest pelvic expansion during delivery, and offer the possibility of avoiding c-section operation.

Nutritional supplementation and dietary changes to help support healthier liver, kidney, and bowel function keeps the mother’s system clearer and can obviously help the developing fetus by removing as much metabolic waste as possible from the mother’s circulation. (After all, the mother’s body must perform waste elimination for two bodies.) In traditional herbal practice, as an example, it has long been noted that regular use of organic red raspberry leaf tea supports a healthier pregnancy. Dr. Davis advises many other important foods and natural remedies for pregnancy.

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