Holistic chiropractic healing of female health complaints

Female Health Complaints

At Davis Holistic Chiropractic Center, we are able to help diminish or eliminate many of the most common functional (i.e. not associated with a pathology) symptoms women have related to the female reproductive system.

In younger women, unwanted symptoms range over a large area, but especially include some of the following:

  • Cramping before menstrual cycle – structural repositioning of the sacrum (bottom bone of the spine) tremendously reduces this problem for most women along with total body structural balancing, dietary change, and nutritional supplementation.
  • Tendency toward UTI (urinary tract infection) or vaginal infections – when there is structural imbalance of the pelvis blood supply into the pelvis is compromised – this favors low-grade infection which can be asymptomatic and can flare up with only little aggravation. The approach mentioned above is very helpful here as well, and additionally looking for emotional issues from trauma that can have an effect in this pole, and can be cleared with chiropractic neuro-emotional reflex work and FlorAlive essences for consciousness therapy.
  • Mood swings potentially linked to rapid hormonal fluctuations – PMS, pre-menstrual syndrome. Applied kinesiology reflex diagnosis will often point to the areas of the body that have compromised nerve or blood circulation and hence related tissue congestion. A common culprit for many hormonal imbalances is the congested liver that can be brought to a much healthier level of function with Dr. Davis’ integrative natural healing approach. Nervousness and intensity also are common features associated with congested liver/gallbladder.
  • Hair loss or thinning hair. This symptom is unfortunately becoming much more common and Dr. Davis has found that it is linked to the deterioration of healthy intestinal flora. He has developed a specific protocol that he has seen can help restore normal healthy hair growth in women, including: structural balancing to optimize blood, nerve, and lymphatic circulation (enabling effective delivery of nutrients and removal of tissue waste);the restoration of healthy intestinal flora by use of high quality probiotic supplements and an outstanding seaweed based supplement; herbal approaches to eliminating reflexes that point to low grade chronic infection of the bowels (which is often asymptomatic.)

In older women many of the same issues above apply, but additionally there are symptoms associated with perimenopause: hot flashes (flushes), night sweats, difficulty sleeping, loss of libido, deterioration of skin elasticity (premature aging.) Natural health practitioners find that these symptoms are multi-systemic in their origins and have to be approached with the type of integrative health system that is described throughout this site, summarized at this link: Our-Framework-For-Healing.

As time goes on we absorb and accumulate in our tissues an increasing burden of toxic environmental chemicals known as xenobiotics. These chemicals disrupt body functioning in many ways (1) (2) including mimicking human hormones and disrupting natural hormonal balance. It is very helpful, therefore, to undertake metabolic cleansing with detox procedures such as nutritional supplementation that accompanies use of the ion foot bath.

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