Phone Consultations

Phone Consultation

Holistic Therapies and Health Techniques

For several years Dr. Davis has been helping people to solve difficult health problems by phone.

Dr. Davis can help you in two ways:

  1. He can match the astonishing UNCUT flower(TM) essences that he has created to your individual needs to help heal unhealthy subconscious memories and the scars of emotional trauma (please click HERE for further details).

    Photo Requirements for a Phone Consultation
    All photos MUST meet the following guidelines


    • Headshot-full face — large image size (NOT compressed)
    • Non-smiling picture
    • Restful expression
    • Looking directly at the camera – eyes at level of camera lens
    • Good lighting
    • Eyes are very clear and visible
    • Please do not crop or alter the photos in any way. Make sure they are emailed as an ATTACHMENT on our CONTACT email before your appointment. Please do not embed them in the email.  This is extremely important to protect the quality of the photo.

    **Dr. Davis uses these photographs to measure your progress. They will not be shared without your written permission.**

  2. A comprehensive evaluation of your medical history and complaints is scheduled for a 20-30 minute session normally. Therapeutic recommendations will include: dietary, lifestyle changes, nutritional and herbal supplementation, and flower essence remedies. Depending on the complexity of your case a longer initial interview may be necessary. $300/Hour

First fill out the new patient forms.

Next, contact us by email or phone us at (931) 888-0388 to schedule.

Additional Contact information:
Fax: (615) 780-5928
84 W. Fourth Avenue
Lobelville, TN 37097 USA