Plantar Fasciitis: the importance of really healing it

Plantar Fasciitis

The plantar fascia is the tough connective tissue on the bottom side of the foot. It can become stiff and very painful, and when that occurs the condition is called plantar Fasciitis, the “itis” meaning inflammation.

The stiffening of the plantar fascia is typically caused by (1) structural imbalance or (2) a physiological state of chronic tiredness. Factors such as the alignment of the knees and hips can affect the weight distribution and gait patterns of the feet. Excessive inward or outward angulation at the knees may be the underlying cause for faulty foot mechanics that can strain the plantar fascia. In addition, a visual evaluation of the pelvis and lower spine may uncover an un-leveling or a lower back that is poorly aligned – contributing to structural misalignment and painful nerve pressure, reflected in the feet.

Misalignment of the first and second cervical vertebrae can distort the center of gravity of the body such that the body tilts forward and puts imbalanced pressure on the feet. This is a commonly missed cause of plantar Fasciitis. Proper chiropractic alignment of the upper cervical vertebrae can make a large impact in the resolution of plantar Fasciitis.

It is often necessary to remove spasms from the gastrocnemius/soleus muscles of the calves to relieve the stress in the plantar fascia. Exhausted adrenal function is, quite often, the true underlying cause of plantar Fasciitis, and – via viscero-somatic reflexes – must be treated for resolution, which requires adrenal supportive nutrients and herbs.

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