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Back Pain – Low Back

Underlying Cause of Low Back Pain

At Davis Holistic Chiropractic Center, Dr. Davis employs an advanced diagnostic system called applied kinesiology to pinpoint from where your back pain is originating. Unless there is likelihood of bone fracture or other serious destruction suggestive in the history and manual exam, we do not use X-rays, for in most cases, the type of reflex and neuromuscular evaluation and testing we employ gives much more information as to cause, and enables targeted treatment to bring you relief fast.

Back pain is one of most common reasons people see a chiropractor. Chiropractic physicians routinely use chiropractic spinal manipulation to restore joint mobility. That consists of applying a controlled force to move joints back to normal position that have become restricted by muscle injury, strain, inflammation, and pain. Manual manipulation of joints can be profoundly helpful to relieve pain and muscle tightness and encourage healing, however, at Davis Holistic Chiropractic Center many other supportive measures are additionally utilized for the best outcome. Many of these adjustment techniques require minimal force or no force at all.

  • Whenever there is an impact injury such as a fall, sports injury, car wreck, etc. the brain takes a “snapshot” of the event and stores it in memory where it is replayed at the unconscious level every day. When another injury occurs, it simply adds more injury memory to what is already there, and the problem becomes more chronic. Dr. Davis uses a specialized procedure called “injury/emotional recall” to remove stored neurological memory from the brain (far in the past up to current time) and this profoundly speeds recovery of any injuries, including those that just occurred. Then he may employ any of a number of different types of manual adjustments of the spine, skull, and pelvis to balance whole body structure that is essential for the low back area to stabilize and heal. This approach often shortens the length of time needed in recovery, and the total number of chiropractic visits is often cut dramatically.
  • Normalizing muscle strength with applied kinesiology treatment results in the bones of the low back and pelvis area returning to their normal position, and then pain leaves. Curiously, it is well established that the site of most pain is generally not the source of where the problem originates. For low back and hip pain, it is essential to carefully balance and adjust the neck, for that reflexively can cause the low back to slip out. At Davis Holistic Chiropractic Center we treat all of you for the best results… not just parts and pieces!
  • Nutritional, herbal, and homeopathic supplements which are anti-inflammatory and healing to tissue are commonly employed as an adjunct to further accelerate healing.

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