New Natural Stress Reduction

Reducing Mind and Body Stress

Perhaps no one in the twentieth century constructed a more useful medical model than Dr. Hans Selye’s General Adaptation Syndrome(G.A.S.).  It describes what happens to the body’s physiology when subjected to stressors.  In summary, when the body (and mind) is stressed:

• The thymus gland (which is the center of cellular immunity) shrinks, and the lymphatic system degenerates;
• The gastrointestinal system becomes inflamed, and under extreme conditions, ulcerates;
• The adrenal glands (which sit on top of the kidneys) first enlarge to try to meet additional burden placed on them, and then they begin to fail and go into a state of exhaustion.

The general result is that our energy or stamina drops, we are more subject to allergic reactions, our fatty acid metabolism (which has a lot to do with inflammation) becomes disturbed, and our immune system loses
resistance. We become widely inflamed. Inflammation, by the way, is the major cause of premature aging!

From a holistic medical standpoint, many of today’s most serious chronic health complaints such as dysbiosis (chronic infection in the gut and loss of balance in gastrointestinal flora, motility, and nutritional absorption) and insulin resistance (Syndrome X) can be explained in terms of allergy and inflammation.  Allergy and inflammation are for the most part end results of:

1. Toxicity from environmental chemicals (especially heavy metals), our foods,  and drugs (particularly
2. Spinal and cranial misalignment of bones resulting in torsional stresses in the body which diminish and
imbalance flow of blood, lymph and nerve supply to tissues;
3. Poor gastrointestinal function and deficient elimination from the bowels;
4. Being removed from the naturally vitalizing elemental forces in Nature – clean air, water, vital light and earth;
5. Emotional stress as we confront the ending stages of the age of exploitation (i.e. make the transition from dysfunctionality to functionality, from rapaciousness to consideration.)

• Emotional stress factors can be palliated with appropriate herbs, but they are more effectively treated with subconscious repatterning methods such as use of UNCUT flower™ essences (which I invented and patented near the turn of the millennium), BEST procedures, Psych-K, homeopathy, counseling, energy balancing practices such as yoga and qi gong, and intentional practices designed for the evolution of consciousness.

• Non-specific immunomodulation (the general enhancement of immunity by the use of broad-acting medicinal plants and special nutrients), and chemical and drug detoxification by use of the ionic foot bath are essentials among several therapies to reduce body stresses in the long run. 

• The whole body functions better when spinal tension is reduced and misaligned structures are returned to their normal place by a large number of possible advanced chiropractic structural therapies.  In my practice, I use 6 different forms of spinal and soft tissue
manipulation, ranging from the audible release of joints by manual manipulation to the use of the activator adjusting instrument, to non-force techniques such as B.E.S.T. BioEnergetic Synchronization Technique and craniosacral therapies.

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