Note: Many services are offered below.  As you consider becoming a new patient, it is important for you to recognize that the most important service I can provide to you is the removal of the brain register of the shock of past injuries, physical and emotional. This is the ultimate “Health Coaching.” When this is accomplished, chronic complaints finally can heal, and vital health can be experienced much more readily.  Few health professionals have the specialized training to perform this service.

Standard Care

Comprehensive structural evaluation including: applied kinesiology (A.K.), strength testing of the most important postural muscles to help determine the causes of structural pain. “Injury Recall” technique to remove brain imprints from the register of the shock of past injuries & trauma.

  • Necessary A.K. corrections and spinal and soft tissue adjustments, non-force methods of adjustment when indicated and desired by the patient.
  • Nutritional assessment;
  • Dietary guidance;
  • Herbal, nutritional and homeopathic supplementation when indicated.

Chronic Illness Resolution

Begins with the above care, plus:

  • Focus on neuro-emotional screening to detect and remove negative subconscious patterning which prevents the body from naturally healing itself;·
  • Use of frequency generating instruments (including soft lasers) to help remove deep seated infection from the body and restore normal intestinal flora balance; 
  • Use of the Ion Cleanse decontamination foot bath to aid in the removal of environmental toxins and heavy metals;
  • Careful analysis of environmental exposure; Dietary guidance.

Executive Health & Performance Program

All of the above with a focus on goal setting to achieve benchmarks indicating enhanced physiological performance, plus:

  • Increased healthy lifestyle and dietary accountability;
  • Options for numerous specialized lab tests to measure baseline health and progress of therapy.