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Understanding the Cause of Low Back Pain

One of the most understandable causes of lower back pain is the kind of low back pain that occurs when someone has an injury; such as falling, heavy lifting, over-exercising or doing weight lifting and all of a sudden – bang the back hurts. Many people have experienced this type of low back pain and sought back pain treatment for this type of acute injury. This is the type of low back pain that is easily understood,

HOWEVER: there are many kinds of low back pain that seem to be of a mysterious origin.

Davis Holistic Chiropractic Center specializes in dealing with the diagnosis and back pain treatment of what seem to be rather mysterious lower back problems.

Many of the things that can cause low back pain are: slow onset and chronic in nature.

To the untrained eye, they may not even seem to be related to the lower back pain that the patient is experiencing. For example, if someone is drinking a great deal of coffee in the mornings to get their day started, that coffee starts to weaken the kidneys. What do coffee and kidneys have to do with lower back pain you may ask? Well, the support muscles in the front of the spine, called the psoas muscles, can then become very weak as the kidneys weaken. The next thing you know the person has leaned over to simply pick up a piece of paper or just drop something into wastebasket and all of a sudden they’re back seizes up on them and they experience severe low back pain.

The patient may come in seeking back pain treatment thinking that they have pulled a muscle or some other such simple explanation, but the truth is that this low back pain is the body’s way of signaling that there are other problems that need to be addressed. Many people don’t understand how this can happen. It’s a gradual onset, even though the low back pain itself may seem to be sudden onset.

Dr. Davis uses nutritional supplementation and dietary modification in addition to structural intervention in order to help people get over their low back pain AND avoid having that come in for frequent, long-term office visits.

Through the combination of structural intervention, which serves to provide lower back pain relief, and the nutritional and dietary changes, which serve to strengthen the body, including the spine, from the inside out, Dr. Davis is able to treat the whole body and provide lasting back pain relief. Low back pain can be a complicated symptom that requires expertise and experience to properly diagnose and treat. Dr. Davis has the experience and the expertise to provide back pain relief while also rooting out any underlying issues that may be the cause of the low back pain.